About Me
I'm Ajith from Kerala, India. I am a mobile developer (especially Android) with hands-on professional experience of about 5 years in both apps and web development. Currently, I’m the Senior Android Developer at Qkopy , which is a growing social network app from India. In this role, I work on development of android app. Daily you’ll find me discussing architectures and technical details with my team and coding & fighting with bugs on Android Studio and trying to adjust my sanity while gradle is wasting my time building mysterious things. All these things keep me happy and challenged every single day.
In my free time, often when my family is asleep or on free weekends, I mostly spend time on reading (Medium) and writing about stuff, life experiences, technical things I learned, failures I got, and about anything I could get my hands on. This helps me create a different perspective to see things around my life and make my observing ability stronger. Much of my writings are available on my Medium profile.
I’m a quick learner and have fun to experiment with new software technologies. These days I am experimenting with TenserFlow and Google's AR Kit . I also contribute to open source community and work on new Android experiment projects or libraries. These are available on my Github profile. I try to maintain my Github daily contributions graph to all green and without grey boxes, but sometimes I just don’t get enough time to make the box green and miss it by grey.
If you would like to get in touch with me regarding any of this :
  • Any freelance work (UI designing, wireframes, or mobile app).
  • Offer me any full-time or remote job of Mobile Development
  • Need any consultancy in any of your mobile projects
  • Want to hangout with me and have a coffee or tea

You can reach to me through telegram.